Project Management – Jobs Guide

It can be difficult to get your first job in any field — including project management.  Here are a few tips to help you on your way!

FYI – You don’t have to memorize all the tips in the video.  Here is a CHEAT SHEET that provides a summary of each.



Here are the 10 tips referenced in the video.  A more detailed explanation of each is in the CHEAT SHEET.

  1. Get a PMP® or CAPM® certification.
  2. Learn to use project management software.
  3. Become an expert job hunter.
  4. Ask project managers to review your resume.
  5. Seek a job referral from inside the company.
  6. Study agile project management.
  7. Read and write articles about project management.
  8. Master your elevator pitch.
  9. Consider a temporary contract position.
  10. Exercise, get enough sleep, and eat healthy.