PMP® Practice Questions

On PMI’s website, they only provide three PMP® practice questions.  Here are several that we created.  (They all reflect the 6th edition of the PMBOK® Guide.)  After clicking the “Check Answers” button at the bottom, you will be shown the correct answers with explanations.


1. A project to renovate an arena that hosts sporting events is ongoing.  Currently, the team is performing the plan quality management process.  In doing so, which of the following activities might they complete?


2. One of the stakeholders on the project approaches the project manager about a disagreement they had with the lead engineer.  The stakeholder makes several accusations, and the project manager determines that they need to pause the discussion until they can gather more information about the encounter from the engineer.  In this case, which conflict resolution technique was utilized? 


3. You are soliciting advice from several experts, who have worked on similar projects, as you prepare the work breakdown structure (WBS).  Which of the following is not a purpose of this document? 


4. As you work with your sponsor, you communicate how the structure of your organization influences the delivery of your project. Given that your company is considered a functional organization, all of the following would be true except:


5. At a recent meeting on a project to identify and deploy a new inventory management tool, you inform your stakeholders that you are in the process of controlling procurements. What is an activity that could be performed during that process?


6. You are working for a city government and are leading a project to construct or improve several city parks. Currently, the team is performing the monitor communications process.  In doing so, which of the following activities might they complete?


7. A commercial construction company that specializes in high-rise office buildings created a database to store project files from previous projects, such as completed project schedules from previous projects. This database would be considered which of the following?


8. A project to build a facility for training military personnel in cybersecurity operations has been funded and approved. However, the project manager has determined that they will need help from outside vendors to complete it.  At this time, the scope is not clear, and the project manager only needs to augment her existing team with experts in cybersecurity.  In this scenario, which type of contract should be utilized?


9. On a given project; earned value (EV) is $30,000; actual cost (AC) is $35,000; and planned value (PV) is $28,000. What is the cost performance index (CPI)?


10. A project manager is overseeing the construction of a new restaurant. She receives feedback from experts on the project that customer seating can be installed one week after painting is complete.  In this situation, which of the following processes were used?


11. While performing schedule management on your project, you need to determine the relationships between activities so that those activities are sequenced in the proper order. Which of the following is not true about activity sequencing?


12. Hugo is collecting requirements on a project that involves building a custom home for a local business owner. While doing so, he realizes that lots of ideas have been proposed by the stakeholders, and he needs to classify those ideas into groups.  Which tool or technique would accomplish this task?


13. A project manager is preparing a stakeholder engagement plan for a project that includes installing a new procurement management system. Which of the following would not be included in that document?


14. Which of the following is not true about schedule management on agile projects?


15. As a team, you have already planned and implemented responses to risks that were identified. Your task now is to monitor those risks.  Which of the following are inputs to that process?


16. A project is underway to produce a new music album for a rock band known around the world. During the project, the team spends time putting risk response plans into effect. In this case, what process is being performed?


17. A project manager is working with a team to construct a new soccer stadium. Early in the project, she would like to see a high-level explanation of the purpose and objectives for the project. Which document should be reviewed to find this information?


18. On your project, 14 stakeholders have been identified. Based on this information, how many possible communication channels exist?


19. At a company that assembles mobile phones, it was determined that automating the screen testing process could cut direct labor costs by $2,000,000 annually, so a project was initiated to do so. During the project, the team spends time performing project work (as defined in the plan) and implementing approved changes. What is an output from that process?


20. A project manager is leading an effort to build a lab that will be used to conduct medical research. During the project, she uses earned value analysis and determines that the CPI is 1.35 and the SPI is 1.25.  What does this indicate?