CAPM® Practice Questions


On PMI’s website, they only provide two CAPM® practice questions.  Here are several that we created.  (They all reflect the 6th edition of the PMBOK® Guide.)  After clicking the “Check Answers” button at the bottom, you will be shown the correct answers with explanations.


1. Which of the following represents the lowest level in the WBS?


2. ____specify the working days that each project team member is available.


3. Deliverables are an output of which of the following processes?


4. Which of the following is a contract that is most commonly used when the work spans several years?


5. All of the following are enterprise environmental factors, except:


6. Which of the following processes involves aggregating estimated costs to create an authorized cost baseline?


7. All of the following are tools and techniques used in the “Collect Requirements” process except:


8. The scope baseline includes all of the following, except:


9. Which of the following is an input to the “Monitor Communications” process?


10. A project has 13 stakeholders.  How many communications channels exist?


11. “Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis” is performed in which process group:


12. Raw observations identified during project activities, such as actual cost and duration, are considered ______.


13. On a project to construct a new warehouse, two weeks before painting is complete, the activity to lay carpet can begin.  This is an example of:


14. When using EVM, ______ is a measure of schedule efficiency on a project.


15. Which of the following techniques uses algorithms to generate cost or schedule estimates based on historical data?


16. All of the following are outputs of the “Monitor and Control Project Work” process, except:


17. Using the ______, we classify stakeholders based on the ability to impose their will, their need for immediate attention, and their involvement.


18. Which of the following quality management tools are used to describe the central tendency, dispersion, and shape of a statistical distribution?


19. The “Project Management Plan” does not include which of the following documents:


20. Which of the following is not a possible activity or outcome of the “Initiating” process group?